Be The Change You Want To See

One day there was a girl who decided to stop dreaming and start doing… 
She believed she could make a difference in her own small way by starting an eco swimwear line and showing people that “eco-friendly” doesn’t have to be “hippie,” “granola” or “boring.” She worked for over three years to create the most sustainable swimwear line on the planet, designed locally in Santa Barbara, produced in California, and packaged with recycled materials. And her swimwear was the first in the world to be made out of 100% Recycled Nylon. She started small, with just one bikini style in three colors, to encourage young designers with limited resources that you can make a difference if you start small, work hard, and dream big…
TOMORROW is the last day of our Happy Endingz® Eco Swimwear Kickstarter Campaign so I am inviting you to become part of the story. Your pledge will make our next swimwear collection possible, helping our mission to make eco-friendly fashion mainstream and protect our earth for future generations:
Be the change you want to see! Thank-you for caring!
xo, Vanessa
24 Hours Left

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